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Eagle Pro

This may look like a regular crossbow but that is a far as the similarities go. This is a high performance dual purpose monster. Utilizing the larger 8mm ball bearings and lead projectiles the Eagle Pro is able to shoot at over 400 feet per second. Added power gives added range and much more stopping power. Fitted with a fast flight string and halo centre serving used on the Stryker (the fastest crossbow in the world) the performance of this crossbow has to be seen to be believed. The Talon Eagle Pro has been designed to give you a truly amazing shooting experience. The Eagle is the ultimate Talon with a quality wood stock and barrel, the stock is adjustable for the perfect shooting position. The Eagle Pro has a match style stock designed for a right handed shooter (right hand pulls the trigger) but can still be used by a leftie.

Talon crossbows are the ultimate in ball bearing and lead projectiles weapons which are also accurate and extremely powerful with full size crossbow bolts and 4" Bolts and the Eagle Pro is the top of the range. With the top tube permanently fixed there is no down time when changing from bolts to balls and lead projectiles. This amazing bow has been tuned to perfection and will give you much more power than a top end air rifle. The Talon eagle Pro balances awesome power with a lightweight wooden stock and barrel. As the string is custom made for each Talon Crossbow they are unique in the fact that they can be moved left, right, twisted back or twisted forward when cocking to reduce the wear on the centre serving, prolonging the life of your string.

The Talon Eagle Pro is the top of the range with the following added features
1. The Eagle Pro comes complete with the Hawke MAP the only scope we recommend for the Talons
2. With the pro version you do not have to remove the top rail, this allows the crossbow to shoot 17" bolts, 8mm Ball Bearings, 30 Cal Projectiles and 4" Darts without having to attach and remove the tube.
3. The trigger has been adapted to be lighter and smoother.
4. The rail bed is polished for optimum power and speed

Draw Weight : 60lb
Stock : Laminate GRP
Barrel/Limb : Laminate GRP
Velocity : 32 Grain 8mm Balls : 410 ft/sec
Velocity : 30 Cal Lead 308 ft/sec
Velocity : 361 grain 17" Bolts : 200 ft/sec
Max Range : 60m
Weight : 5.1kg
Length : 840mm

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